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Scott #
Vatican City
269-72 MNH 5th cent Ann of the death of St. Antoninus, Bishop of Florence
273-4 MNH Roman Diocesan Synod in 1960 with transept of Lateran Basilica
275-80 MNH World refugee year with various religious paintings
281-3 MNH Return of the body of Pope Pius X to Venice
284-91 MNH Also # E15-6. Religious paintings of acts of mercy
292-4 MNH Paintings of the Holy Family
295-7 MNH 300th Ann of death of St. Vincent de Paul
298-300 MNH 1100th Ann death of St. Meinrad
301-3 MNH 1500th Ann death of Pope Leo the Great
304-9 MNH 1900th Ann of the arrival of St. Paul in Rome
310-2 MNH Centenary of L'Osservatore Romano, the vatican newspaper
313-6 MNH 1500th Ann of death of St. Patrick
317-22 MNH 80th birthday of Pope John XXIII
323-5 MNH Christmas 1961 - painting
326-9 MNH WHO drive to eradicate malaria
330-4 MNH Honoring the priesthood, with statue of The Good Shepherd
335-7 MNH 500th Ann canonization of St. Catherine of Sienna
338-40 MNH Pauline M. Jaricot, founder of the Society for Propagation of the Faith
341-4 MNH 6th Congress of Christian Archaeology with Sts Peter and Paul
345-52 MNH Vatican II, 21st Ecumenical Council of Roman Catholic Cgurch
360-1 MNH Balzan Peace Prize to Pope John XXIII
362-4 MNH Interregnum issue with St. Peter's Keys
365-8 MNH Coronation of Pope Paul VI
369-71 MNH Saints Cyril and Methodius
372-4 MNH Christmas 1963 - African Nativity scene
375-8 MNH Visit of Pope Paul VI to the Holy Land, with Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem
379-82 MNH UNESCO world campaign to save Egyptian Nubian statues
383-6 MNH New York World's Fair 1964 with pope and Pieta statue
387-91 MNH Sculptures by Michelangelo
392-4 MNH centenary of the Red Cross, with Good Samaritan
395-6 MNH Birthplace of Cardinal Nicholaus Cusanus
397-9 MNH Christmas 1964 - Japanese Nativity scene
404-9 MNH Canonization of 22 African martyrs
410-3 MNH 700th Ann birth of Dante Alighieri
414-5 MNH Patron Saint of Euope, St. Benedict
416-9 MNH Pope Paul VI addressing UN Assembly in New York
420-2 MNH Christmas 1965 - Peruvian Nativity scene
423-32 MNH Various artistic bas-reliefs and designs
433-8 MNH Millennium of the Christianization of Poland
439-44 MNH Conclusion of Vatican II
445-7 MNH Christmas 1966 - Nativity sculpture
448-52 MNH 1900th Ann of the martyrdom of the Apostles Peter and Paul
453-4 MNH 3rd Congress of Catholic Laymen
455-7 MNH 50th Ann of the Apparition of the Virgin Mary to children of Fatima
458-60 MNH Christmas issue 1967 - Nativity scene, 9th century painting on wood
461-3 MNH Visit of Pope paul VI to Columbia
464-6 MNH Holy Infant of Prague
467-9 MNH The Resurrection by Fra Angelico
473-5 MNH Visit of Pope Paul VI to Uganda
476-8 MNH Centenary of St. Peter's Circle, with Popes
479-83 MNH Vatican participation at Expo '70 in Japan
484-6 MNH Centenary of the Vatican I Council
487-91 MNH 50th ann of the Ordination of Pope Paul VI, paintings of Christ
492-4 MNH 25th Ann of the United Nations with Adam and Eve by Michelangelo
495-9 MNH Visit of Pope Paul VI to Far east and Australia
500-03 MNH Int'l Year against racial discrimination
504-8 MNH Religious paintings
509-12 MNH 800th Ann birth of St. Dominique de Guzman, founder of the Dominican Order
513-4 MNH Millennium of the birth of St. Stephen, King of Hungary
515-7 MNH Bramante, architect. Design for Dome of St. Peters
519-20 MNH UNESCO campaign to save Venice
520a Click to view item MNH UNESCO's effort to save Venice, with map of the city S/S
521-5 MNH International Book Year with Gospel of St. Mathew
526-7 MNH Secular priests, music
528-30 MNH Cardinal Bessarion, Latin Patriarch of Constantinople
531-3 MNH 40th International Eucharistic Congress
534-6 MNH St. Teresa of Liseux
545-7 MNH 800th Ann death of Armenian Patriarch St. Nerses Shnorali
548-9 MNH centenary of the UPU with Old Testament mosaics
550-4 MNH The Bible - "Book of Books"
558-60 MNH 700th Ann death of St. Bonaventure, scholastic philosopher
561-71 MNH Holy Year 1975, with various paintings, frescoes
572 MNH Pentecost, painting by El Greco
585-7 MNH Bicentenary of the death of St. Paul of the Cross
588-9 MNH International Women's Year, religious paintings
595-600 MNH Biblical scenes and paintings
601-6 MNH Roman views
613-4 MNH 600th Ann of the return of Pope Gregory from Avignon in France
617-22 MNH Classical sculptures in Vatican museums
623-8 MNH Creation of man and woman, bas-relief sculptures
629 MNH Madonna painting by Peter Paul Rubens
630-1 MNH 80th birthday of Pope Paul VI
632-4 MNH 100th Ann death of Pope Pius IX
635-7 MNH Interregnum issue with Keys of St. Peter
638-40 MNH Interregnum issue with Keys of St. Peter
697-12 MNH 750th Ann death of St. Francis of Assisi - paintings and designs
733-6 MNH Pontifical Academy of Sciences
932-3 MNH Europa 1993 - art and church
1073-4 MNH Shroud of Turin
1104a MNH Europa 1999 - flowers pair with label
1104a Click to view item MNH Europa '99 set of 2 with label
2 254-5 MNH Lateran Pacts - 30th Ann with Pope Pis XI
C24-32 MNH Religious paintings
C35-44 MNH Obelisks in Rome
C45-6 MNH Archangel Gabriel
C55-8 MNH Paintings by Fra Angelico
C60-2 MNH Paintings by Michelangelo
J19-24 MNH Postage dues - Papal arms
VAT001 MNH Unlisted S/S issued for Capex 1996 stamp exhibition in Toronto, Canada
Click to view item MNH Superb S/S commemorating 500th Ann of evnagelization in Venezuela. With beautiful coat of arms, Pope, church.
1571a-j Click to view item MNH Children's stories of a tiger and other animals on composite sheetlet of 10
1576a-j Click to view item MNH Gandhi and Nehru on composite sheetlet of 10 for 50th Ann of Indian Independence
1577 Click to view item MNH Taj Mahal on superb S/S for 50th Ann of Indian Independence
Viet Nam
1-13 mnh Emperor Bao-Dai and scenic views
14-16 MNH Empress Nam-Phuong
17 Viet Nam's admission to ITU
18 MNH UPU emblem Viet Nam's admission 1st Ann
19 MNH 39th birthday of Emperor Bao-Dai
20-26 MNH Crown Prince in costume
27-9 MNH Mythological turtle
30-35 MNH 1st Ann flight of North Vietnamese. Lowest value 70c torn, cat val only $1.00
36-8 MNH Post Office in Saigon. Independent Postal Services - 5th Ann.
39-50 MNH President Ngo Dinh Diem. 35pi, 2nd highest value with bend; selling price reflects this damage.
51-3 MNH Post Office in Saigon overprinted Government Post Office Building
54 MNH Refugee stamp Sc #34 overprinted with bar
55-8 MNH Bamboo - 1st Ann of the Republic
59-62 MNH Children - Operation Brotherhood
63-7 MNH Hunters on elephants and mountain dwellings
68-72 MNH 9th Columbo Plan Conference in Saigon
68-72 MNH 9th Columbo Plan Conference in Saigon
73-8 MNH Republic of South Viet Nam - 2nd Ann with map
79-82 MNH Farming village with tractors - 4th Ann of Government of Pres Ngo Dinh Diem
83-7 MNH Children's Festival
88-91 MNH United Nations Day
92-5 MNH UNESCO building in Paris
96-9 MNH Torch and UN emblem - Declaration of Human Rights 10th Ann
100-7 MNH Various buildings in Viet Nam incl cathedral, museum, etc
108-11 MNH Trung sisters on elephants - invasion of 40-44 AD
112-5 MNH Agrarian reforms - 5th Ann of Diem's Presidency
116-9 MNH Saigon-Dongha Railroad
120-3 MNH Volunteer road workers - 4th Ann of Constitution
124-7 MNH National Boy Scout Jamboree
128-31 MNH Family Justice
132-5 MNH World Refugee Year
136-9 MNH Centenary of Red Cross - Henri Dunant
140-3 MNH Communal rice farming
144-5 MNH UN FAO conference in Saigon
146-9 MNH 5th Ann of Republic - maps
150-3 MNH Agricultural development
154-7 MNH Child Protection
158-61 MNH Pres Ngo Dinh Diem
162-5 MNH Youth Day
166-9 MNH Saigon-Bien Hoa Highway
170-3 MNH Alexandre de Rhodes - Jesuit missionary
174-7 MNH Youth movement
178-80 MNH Temple dedicated to Confucius - UNESCO 15th Ann
181-4 MNH Agrarian reform
185-8 MNH WHO drive to eradicate malaria
189-92 MNH Postal checking service
193-6 MNH Catholic shrine
197-200 MNH Defense system in villages
201-2 MNH President Diem's birthday - spring festival
203-6 MNH Women's Day - Trung sisters minument
207-10 MNH FAO Freedom From Hunger campaign
211-4 MNH Common Defense effort
215-8 MNH Soldiers of the Republic
219-22 MNH Red Cross Centenary with maps
223-6 MNH Universal Declaration of Human Rights - 15th Ann
227-30 MNH Danhim hydoelectric station
231-4 MNH Atomic reactor
235-8 MNH World Meteorological Day
239-41 MNH 10th Ann National Grief day - division of Viet Nam into South and North
242-3 MNH Hatien beach
244-6 MNH Ann of November 1963 revolution
247-50 MNH Various scenes incl temples, tombs, etc
251-2 MNH Mythological founders of Viet Nam
253-4 MNH ITU Centenary
255-7 MNH Anniversary of Buddha's birth
258-60 MNH International Cooperation Year
261-5 MNH Flowers
266-9 MNH Higher education, maps
270-1 MNH 10th Ann of 4-T Clubs
272-5 MNH Sports
276-7 MNH Saigon microwave station
278-80 MNH Thanking the free world for help, maps
281-2 MNH Refugees from communist oppression
283-6 MNH Wandering Souls Festival
287-90 MNH Vietnamese instruments
291-3 MNH WHO Headquarters in Geneva
294-7 MNH 3rd Ann of revolution again st Pres Ngo Dnh Diem
298-300 MNH UNESCO 20th Ann
301-4 MNH Fruits and vegetables
305-6 MNH Phan-Chau-Trinh
307-10 MNH Labour Day - various scenes
311-4 MNH Vietnamese handicrafts
315 MNH Wedding procession
316 MNH Theater - Cultural Institute
317-9 MNH National Day - general elections
320 MNH Lions International 50th, with pagoda
321 MNH International Literacy Day - teacher with globe
322-5 MNH Rural construction program
326 MNH WHO - 20th Ann
327-30 MNH Flags of Viet Nam's allies, with maps
331-4 MNH Private property ownership
335-6 MNH International Human Rights Year
337-8 MNH UNICEF - mother and child
339-42 MNH Trans Viet Nam railroad
378 MNH Construction work - single stamp from set
B 2 MNH Sabres and flag
B 3 MNH Anti-tuberculosis foundation

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